Breakroom review, features, pricing and alternatives
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[Total: 1 Average: 5] is a unique, people-powered job comparison site designed to help frontline workers assess their job quality. By leveraging real employee reviews, provides comprehensive insights into various job aspects, including pay, flexibility, and workplace culture. This platform is ideal for individuals looking to understand how their current job stacks up against similar roles and for employers aiming to improve job satisfaction and retention.

Breakroom Features

  • Breakroom Quiz: Employees can take a 30-question quiz to rate their job based on pay, hours, and workplace culture.
  • Breakroom Rating: Jobs are scored on a scale of 1 to 10, reflecting overall job quality.
  • Job Matching: Personalized job recommendations based on user preferences.
  • Employer Insights: Detailed insights into what makes a job good, helping employers enhance job quality and retention.
  • Comprehensive Reviews: Real employee reviews and ratings to provide an authentic picture of job roles.

Breakroom Pricing

Free PlanAccess to basic job ratings and comparisonsFree
Employer PlanAdvanced analytics and job posting toolsCustom Pricing offers a free plan for employees, providing access to basic job ratings and comparisons. Employers can opt for a custom pricing plan tailored to their needs, which includes advanced analytics and job posting tools.

Breakroom Reviews

User feedback on is generally positive, with many appreciating the detailed job insights and personalized recommendations. Employees find the platform useful for understanding their job’s value, while employers benefit from the data-driven insights to improve job quality and retention.

Breakroom Alternatives

  • Glassdoor: Offers company reviews and salary information but lacks the detailed quiz-based rating system of Breakroom.
  • Indeed: Known for job listings and company reviews but doesn’t provide the same level of personalized job quality insights.
  • Comparably: Focuses on company culture and compensation but is more geared towards corporate roles.

These alternatives offer similar services but may not match the specific focus on frontline job quality provided by

Pros and Cons


  • Detailed and accurate job ratings based on employee feedback.
  • Personalized job recommendations.
  • Helps employers improve job quality and retention.


  • Limited to frontline jobs.
  • Custom pricing for employers may be a barrier for smaller companies.

Ideal User for Breakroom is ideal for frontline workers seeking to understand and improve their job quality. It’s also beneficial for employers looking to enhance their workplace environment and reduce turnover.

How to Get Started with Breakroom

  1. Sign Up: Create a free account on
  2. Take the Quiz: Answer the 30 questions about your job.
  3. View Your Rating: Receive a Breakroom Score for your job.
  4. Explore Jobs: Use the job matching tool to find better job opportunities.

Specific Tutorial: How to Take the Breakroom Quiz

  1. Visit
  2. Click on “Take the Quiz”.
  3. Answer the 30 questions about your job, covering pay, hours, and workplace culture.
  4. Submit your answers to receive your Breakroom Score. is a valuable tool for frontline workers and employers alike. It offers detailed, data-driven insights into job quality, helping employees find better opportunities and employers improve their workplaces. Given its unique features and positive user feedback, is definitely worth trying.

Breakroom FAQs

What is the Breakroom Quiz?
The Breakroom Quiz is a 30-question survey that helps employees rate their job based on pay, hours, and workplace culture.

How does the Breakroom Rating work?
The rating is calculated from quiz responses, providing a score from 1 to 10 that reflects overall job quality.

Is free to use?
Yes, for employees. Employers can access additional features with custom pricing plans.