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Ecomposer - review, features, pricing and alternatives
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EComposer stands out as a dynamic, user-friendly page builder tailored for Shopify stores. Its sophisticated interface enables users, even those unfamiliar with coding, to design visually appealing and adaptive pages. With EComposer, you can fine-tune various facets of your store – right from its landing page to the intricate product pages. It’s not just about aesthetics; EComposer is designed to amplify conversions, skyrocket sales, and carve out a distinctive brand presence.

Ecomposer Shopify Builder Features

EComposer is equipped with a robust suite of features that position it as a must-have tool for any Shopify store. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Drag and drop editor: The intuitive interface allows you to seamlessly design and modify your pages. Incorporate elements like text, visuals, multimedia, interactive buttons, forms, and so much more. What’s more, you have complete control over the design elements, from their alignment to the animations they flaunt.
  • Pre-designed templates: A vast library of over 1000+ refined templates awaits you, each catering to varied purposes and sectors. Your creativity isn’t bound; you can store your unique designs as templates for future use.
  • Widgets library: Elevate the functionality of your pages with over 50+ widgets. From showcasing testimonials to integrating pop-ups and banners, EComposer has you covered.
  • Responsive design: Guarantee your users an unmatched experience across devices. Whether they’re on a desktop, tablet, or mobile, your pages will render flawlessly.
  • SEO friendly: Ascend the search engine ranks with EComposer’s comprehensive SEO toolkit. Customize meta tags, titles, and more while integrating essential tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.
  • Shopify integration: Experience a harmonious fusion of EComposer with your Shopify store. Access all your Shopify essentials right from the EComposer dashboard and utilize specialized widgets to spotlight your products uniquely.
ecomposer shopify builder review, features, pricing & alternatives

Ideal user for Ecomposer

EComposer is a haven for anyone desiring to craft exquisite, conversion-focused pages for their Shopify store without delving into the complexities of coding. Whether you’re charting your initial steps or you’ve scaled the peak of eCommerce expertise, EComposer facilitates the realization of your store’s vision. Its versatility ensures it’s a fit, regardless of your store’s niche, be it lifestyle, tech, wellness, or beyond.

Ecomposer Pricing

EComposer’s pricing tiers cater to varied requirements and financial plans:

  • Basic plan: Priced at $19/month or an annual rate of $15/month. This package grants you access to unlimited pages, a plethora of widgets, a vast template library, SEO utilities, impeccable responsiveness, seamless Shopify integration, and a dedicated email support channel.
  • Pro plan: Available at $39/month or an annual commitment of $29/month. It encompasses all features of the Basic plan and then some – an extended widget collection, a more expansive template range, custom domain capabilities, prioritized 24/7 support, and limitless revisions.
  • Enterprise plan: This plan is tailored to your unique needs, encompassing all Pro offerings, along with personalized account management, bespoke development options, white label offerings, unlimited sub-accounts, and API integrations.

Dip your toes in the water with a 14-day, no-strings-attached free trial.

Ecomposer Pros and Cons

EComposer has garnered significant acclaim, yet it’s essential to weigh its strengths and areas of improvement:


  • Ease of Use: Users universally applaud the straightforwardness of EComposer, lauding the editor’s simplicity and the versatility of its design elements.
  • Aesthetic Templates: The templates strike a chord, recognized for their professionalism, aesthetic appeal, and adaptability across sectors.
  • Utility-centric Widgets: The widgets don’t just sit pretty; they add tangible value, from pop-ups to reviews.
  • Adaptive Design: Users value the tool’s ability to adjust to various devices, ensuring a consistent user experience.
  • Stellar Support: EComposer’s support team has garnered praise for its efficiency, approachability, and problem-solving prowess.


  • Initial Learning: Some users have pointed towards a mild learning curve, especially for those new to the platform.
  • Pricing Concerns: For some, the pricing seems a tad steep. They express a desire for more economical plans or available discounts.
  • Technical Hiccups: A few have encountered occasional glitches and instabilities, signaling room for further refinement.

Ecomposer Shopify Builder Alternatives

While EComposer shines bright, considering alternatives can provide a broader perspective:

  • Shogun: Parallel in function to EComposer, Shogun offers additional widgets and A/B testing capabilities. Plus, its entry-level pricing is more wallet-friendly.
  • PageFly: PageFly matches EComposer in many aspects but outshines with its more extensive template and widget collection and integration capabilities. For those budget-conscious, PageFly also introduces a free variant.
  • GemPages: Another contender in the Shopify page builder arena, GemPages excels in offering more customization capabilities and expanded support channels. Moreover, it’s slightly more affordable for those starting.

EComposer emerges as a potent, user-centric page builder for Shopify enthusiasts, enabling the creation of captivating, adaptive pages sans coding hassles. It promises to be more than a design tool, ensuring heightened conversions, sales, and brand prominence. Yet, like all tools, it has areas awaiting enhancement. Alternatives like Shogun, PageFly, and GemPages also offer compelling features. If EComposer intrigues you, there’s a 14-day free trial awaiting your exploration.

Ecomposer FAQs

Q: How do I integrate EComposer with my Shopify store?
A: Embark on your EComposer journey by heading to their official site, initiating the free trial, and integrating it with your Shopify store in a few simple steps.

Q: Crafting a page with EComposer – How’s it done?
A: Dive into EComposer’s dashboard, commence with a fresh page or a template, and unleash your creativity. With a host of editing tools at your disposal, designing, previewing, saving, and publishing becomes a breeze.

Q: Wish to modify an existing EComposer page?
A: Access your pages via EComposer’s dashboard, select the one needing tweaks, and let your creativity flow. Once satisfied, save, preview, and make it live.