Greator Review, Features, Pricing & Alternatives
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Greator is an innovative platform dedicated to personal growth and self-improvement. Designed for individuals seeking to unlock their potential and achieve their goals, Greator offers a variety of tools and resources to foster development. Whether you’re looking to enhance your career, improve relationships, or achieve personal milestones, Greator provides a structured pathway to success.

Greator Features

  • Personal Coaching: Access to a wide range of certified coaches specializing in various areas like career development, relationship advice, and personal wellness.
  • Masterclasses: Comprehensive courses led by experts, covering topics such as productivity, mindfulness, and leadership.
  • Interactive Tools: Journals, goal-setting templates, and progress tracking features to help users stay motivated and organized.
  • Community Support: A vibrant community of like-minded individuals for networking and mutual support.
  • Workshops and Webinars: Regularly scheduled events that provide deep dives into specific subjects, offering both theoretical knowledge and practical applications.

Greator Pricing

BasicAccess to free content, limited coaching sessionsFree
PremiumFull access to masterclasses, unlimited coaching sessions, interactive tools$29.99/month
AnnualSame as Premium but billed annually$299/year
CorporateCustomized solutions for businessesCustom Pricing

Greator offers a free basic plan with limited features. The Premium plan, at $29.99 per month, provides comprehensive access to all resources. For those committed to long-term growth, the Annual plan offers the same benefits as the Premium plan but at a discounted annual rate. Corporate solutions are available upon request and are tailored to meet specific organizational needs.

Greator Reviews

Greator has received positive feedback from users across various platforms. Many appreciate the intuitive interface, the quality of coaching, and the comprehensive content available in masterclasses. Some users have noted that the platform can be a bit overwhelming due to the sheer volume of resources available, but overall, the feedback highlights significant personal growth and improved productivity.

Greator Alternatives

  • Mindvalley: Known for its holistic approach to personal development, offering a variety of programs and community support.
  • Udemy: Provides a broad range of courses, though it lacks the personalized coaching aspect.
  • Coursera: Offers courses from top universities but is more academically focused.

These alternatives also cater to individuals seeking self-improvement, each with unique features that might be more suitable depending on specific needs.

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive Resources: Wide range of tools and resources for personal development.
  • Expert Coaches: Access to highly qualified coaches.
  • Community Support: Strong community for networking and support.
  • User-Friendly: Intuitive interface and well-structured content.


  • Overwhelming for New Users: The extensive resources can be daunting initially.
  • Cost: Premium features require a subscription, which may not be affordable for everyone.

Ideal User for Greator

Greator is ideal for individuals committed to personal growth and willing to invest time and resources into their development. It’s suitable for professionals looking to advance their careers, individuals seeking personal wellness, and anyone interested in improving their life skills.

How to Get Started with Greator

  1. Sign Up: Create a free account on the Greator website.
  2. Explore Free Resources: Start with the free content to get a feel for the platform.
  3. Choose a Plan: If you find the platform beneficial, consider upgrading to a Premium or Annual plan.
  4. Engage with Coaches: Book sessions with coaches and attend masterclasses.
  5. Track Progress: Use the interactive tools to set goals and track your progress.

Tutorial: How to Set a Personal Goal on Greator

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Goals’ section in the dashboard.
  3. Click ‘Create New Goal’.
  4. Define your goal, including specific details and a timeline.
  5. Set Milestones to break your goal into manageable steps.
  6. Save and Track Progress regularly to stay on track.

Greator offers a robust platform for personal growth, combining expert coaching, comprehensive courses, and a supportive community. While it might be overwhelming initially, the benefits far outweigh the challenges, making it a valuable tool for anyone serious about self-improvement.

Greator FAQs

Q: Is there a free trial for the Premium plan?
A: Yes, Greator offers a free trial for its Premium plan.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
A: Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time without any penalties.

Q: Are the coaching sessions live or recorded?
A: Coaching sessions are primarily live, allowing for real-time interaction and personalized guidance.

Q: What payment methods are accepted?
A: Greator accepts major credit cards and PayPal.

Q: Is there a mobile app available?
A: Yes, Greator is accessible via a mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices.