Instamojo - review, features, pricing and alternatives
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Instamojo is more than just a platform; it’s a revolution for online entrepreneurs in India. Tailored to support the growth of eCommerce brands and startups, this D2CTech solution combines the best of online stores, landing pages, and payment options under one roof. No longer do sellers need to juggle multiple platforms; Instamojo streamlines the process, making it easier to initiate, manage, and expand online businesses with absolute confidence.

Instamojo Features

Diving into the offerings of Instamojo, one is presented with a plethora of tools and facilities:

  • Online Stores: Craft a unique online store that mirrors your brand’s essence. With the liberty to infuse product descriptions, multimedia content, and customization, your brand will shine.
  • Landing Pages: Design tailored landing pages to spotlight specific services or goods, and directly embed payment links for streamlined transactions.
  • Payment Gateway: A robust payment gateway supporting a multitude of payment methods ensures smooth and secured transactions. Flexibility reigns supreme with options like EMI, COD, and pay later schemes.
  • Shipping: A seamless shipping experience awaits with multiple courier partners. Manage, track, and deliver across India with ease.
  • Analytics: Equip yourself with data-driven insights on your business’s health, tracking vital metrics from sales to customer interactions.
  • Marketing Tools: Elevate your online visibility with a suite of marketing tools, right from SEO enhancements to web push notifications.
  • Support: Instamojo’s commitment to customer success is evident in their robust support infrastructure, encompassing diverse channels from phone support to their YouTube tutorials.

Ideal User for Instamojo

Instamojo’s versatility makes it a perfect match for virtually anyone keen on carving an online presence in India. From freelancers to established businesses, the platform supports all. A glance at their diverse user base includes:

  • Studioekko: An embodiment of craftsmanship with its range of exquisite jewellery.
  • Clearias: Shaping the future of civil service aspirants with targeted courses.
  • Maaticha: Echoing sustainability with a line of eco-conscious home decor products.
  • Thenurseryworld: A haven for green thumbs, offering an array of plants and gardening tools.
  • Thatartgirl: Artistry meets online commerce with a collection of captivating artworks.
  • Therover: An exploration guide for the wanderlust souls with curated travel resources.
  • Ecoproductsindia: A nod to nature with a variety of organic offerings.

Instamojo Pricing

Two pricing tiers make up Instamojo’s structure:

Forever Free Plans

Catering to novices and budding businesses, these plans provide:

  • Zero-cost online store and landing page creation.
  • Transparent payment gateway fees.
  • Basic analytical and marketing tools.
  • Standard support.

Premium Plans

For businesses aiming to elevate their game, Premium Plans, starting at ₹3,999 annually, include:

  • Premium domain, themes, and logos.
  • Reduced transaction fees.
  • Enhanced analytics and promotional tools.
  • Specialized customer support.
  • Additional website customizations and add-ons.

Instamojo Pros and Cons

User feedback offers an invaluable perspective on Instamojo’s strengths and areas of improvement:


  • Intuitive interface and setup.
  • Budget-friendly with clear pricing.
  • Comprehensive payment choices.
  • Trustworthy payment system.
  • Efficient shipping mechanisms.
  • Proactive customer support.
  • A broad spectrum of valuable features.


  • Restricted customizability for store and page designs.
  • Limited third-party tool integrations.
  • Occasional technical hitches.

Instamojo Alternatives

Exploring alternatives, we find:

  • Shopify: A global stalwart in eCommerce, Shopify brings a rich arsenal of tools. Its primary differentiator is the extensive theme and app collection, though it can be pricier and slightly technical.
  • Razorpay: Primarily a payment gateway, Razorpay stands out for its diverse payment options. It misses out on offering store functionalities, positioning it differently than Instamojo.
  • WooCommerce: A potent WordPress plugin, WooCommerce provides unmatched customization. However, it necessitates self-hosting, adding to the setup’s complexity.

Bridging simplicity with functionality, Instamojo emerges as a formidable #D2CTech platform for the Indian online market. With its inclusive offerings, it promises an effortless start and sustained growth for online ventures. If a straightforward and economical online selling platform is what you’re after, Instamojo is the destination.

Instamojo FAQs

Q: How to get on board with Instamojo?

A: Registering is a breeze. Simply head to website, provide the requisite details, verify your contact points, and you’re set!

Q: Crafting an online store or landing page on Instamojo: How does it work?

A: Once logged in, click on “Create”. Choose either “Online Store” or “Landing Page” and follow the guided steps to set up your digital space.

Q: Procedures to accept payments via Instamojo?

A: Employ either the payment buttons or direct links generated from your dashboard or store. Share them with your clientele, enabling them to utilize any of the myriad payment options Instamojo supports.

Q: Decoding shipping with Instamojo?

A: With the platform’s shipping service, set your preferences, select your courier partner, input product specifics, and manage shipping fees. Once an order lands, arrange for a pickup and keep tabs on delivery via the dashboard.