Mail Signatures - review, features, pricing and alternatives
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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a comprehensive platform offering a suite of tools and resources geared towards crafting and maintaining email signatures. An email signature, typically found at the closure of emails, is a distinctive block containing pivotal information like the sender’s name, contacts, social media profiles, and other pertinent data. By leveraging email signatures, you can bolster your professional persona, advocate for your brand or services, and augment the interaction level with your correspondents.

The essence of lies in its universal appeal. It caters to a wide audience, aiming to craft seamless and uniform email signatures, irrespective of the email service they employ – be it Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, or others. This platform eliminates the inconvenience of individually curating and refreshing signatures for different email accounts or gadgets. With its help, generate a singular signature and proliferate it across diverse email services. Plus, it gives you centralized control over your signatures, ensuring they resonate with your brand’s ethos and any regulatory mandates. Features is laden with an array of functionalities tailored to streamline the creation and management of email signatures:

  • Free Signature Constructor: Design your signature via an intuitive online portal. You’re presented with a rich repertoire of over 40 templates, offering ample customization avenues – from personal details to aesthetics like colors, typography, and imagery.
  • Signature Templates Assortment: The platform presents a diverse collection of pre-designed templates apt for varying occasions – business, personal, promotional, festive, and more.
  • In-depth Blog: A treasure trove of insights surrounding email signatures and email-centric marketing strategies. Garner knowledge about crafting compelling signatures, harnessing them for promotional endeavors, evading common pitfalls, and more.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Repository: A hub addressing myriad queries about email signatures. It delves into nuances like installation, updates, integration of imagery or logos, utilizing HTML/CSS, troubleshooting, and more.
  • Comparative Analysis Tool: Evaluate various email signature software on criteria like features, cost, user feedback, ratings, etc., to pinpoint the ideal fit for your needs.

Ideal User for is the go-to resource for anyone with a penchant for consistent, professional email signatures. Its spectrum of users encompasses freelancers, business proprietors, marketers, academicians, students, and anyone reliant on emails. It’s particularly beneficial for:

  • Individuals juggling multiple email services or devices, seeking uniformity in signatures.
  • Those valuing time-efficiency, preferring an online, user-centric signature creation process.
  • Enthusiasts looking for diverse templates aligning with their tastes and requirements.
  • Aspirants aiming to master the art of leveraging email signatures for varied purposes, from branding to communication.
  • Users aiming to assess varied email signature software to discern the best fit. Pricing offers a flexible pricing model:

  • Free Plan: Avail the signature generator for one account and export to numerous platforms like Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, etc. Access to templates, blogs, knowledge base, and comparison tools is complimentary.
  • Paid Subscription: At $36 annually per account, enjoy limitless signature creation. Export across all compatible platforms and leverage premium templates, prioritized assistance, and advanced functionalities like signature analytics and legal disclaimers. Pros and Cons is lauded for its merits but isn’t devoid of limitations:


  • User-friendly, obviating the need for technical prowess.
  • Extensive template variety catering to diverse signature styles.
  • Compatibility with numerous email services, facilitating multi-platform signature export.
  • Rich reservoir of insights on effective email signature usage.
  • Allows users to weigh different email signature software to discern the optimum choice.


  • Absence of dynamic signatures changing based on parameters like recipient or timing.
  • Doesn’t support centralized signature management for organizations.
  • Lacks integrative capabilities with other marketing platforms.
  • Potential compatibility hitches with specific platforms, predominantly on mobile. Alternatives, albeit efficient, isn’t the sole player in the email signature domain. Alternatives like Newoldstamp,, and Gimmio exist, each with distinct offerings. For instance, Newoldstamp is stellar for dynamic, marketing-driven signatures; excels in simplicity and aesthetic appeal, while Gimmio is synonymous with professional signatures bolstered by extensive customization. is a stellar resource hub for crafting and managing email signatures. With both free and premium offerings, it caters to a diverse audience. Although potent, users might encounter certain limitations, warranting exploration of alternatives. Yet, for hassle-free signature creation and management, it’s undeniably a platform worth considering. FAQs

How to craft an email signature on

  • Navigate to
  • Opt for a template or commence from scratch.
  • Populate with requisite details and customize aesthetically.
  • Preview, export, and integrate with your email service.

Procedure to export my signature to my email service?

  • Post signature design, hit “Export.”
  • Select your email service and adhere to the integration steps.

Updating or eradicating my signature?

  • Access email settings.
  • Navigate to the signature section to modify or delete.
  • Save and refresh.

Unlocking premium features?

  • Head to
  • Click “Upgrade”