Siteliner - review, features, pricing and alternatives
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Every website owner strives for an impeccable online presence, and Siteliner steps in as a vital tool for achieving that goal. Designed to elevate your website’s quality and search ranking, Siteliner delves deep into your site, bringing to light issues you may not be aware of. Whether you’re a dedicated webmaster, a budding blogger, or an ambitious entrepreneur, Siteliner has got your back.

At its core, Siteliner scans, assesses, and presents you with actionable insights. Be it your own digital platform or your competitor’s, Siteliner serves as your window into the intricate details that can set you apart.

Siteliner Features

Siteliner comes packed with a set of stellar features, including:

  • Duplicate Content: Duplicate content can tarnish your website’s credibility. Siteliner identifies how much of your content might be repetitive and helps you address the issue efficiently.
  • Broken Links: A website with broken links can be frustrating for users. Siteliner ensures each link on your site is functional, pointing out the ones that need attention.
  • Page Power: Grasp which pages are the most influential in the eyes of search engines with Siteliner’s page power feature.
  • Skipped Pages: Discover which pages were overlooked during the analysis and decide their fate – whether to include or exclude them.
  • XML Sitemap: Enhance search engine’s ability to crawl your site with an XML sitemap, conveniently generated by Siteliner.
  • Site Speed: Users value swift websites. Get a glimpse of how fast your pages load and benchmark against competitors, optimizing wherever necessary.
siteliner duplicate content checker

Who Can Benefit from Siteliner?

Anyone looking to bolster their website’s performance can find value in Siteliner. Its myriad of features assists in:

  • Unearthing and rectifying duplicate content and malfunctioning links
  • Deciphering the architecture and link dynamics of your site
  • Comparing and contrasting your website with industry counterparts
  • Streamlining the crawling process with an XML sitemap
  • Enhancing your website’s overall speed and responsiveness

Siteliner Pricing Overview

Choose from Siteliner’s two-tiered pricing structure:

  • Siteliner Free: Ideal for smaller websites, analyze up to 250 pages monthly at zero cost.
  • Siteliner Premium: For the detail-oriented, delve into in-depth analysis for up to 30,000 pages as often as you wish. The pricing varies based on the number of pages, ranging from $10 to $200 monthly.

Experience the premium service risk-free with a 14-day trial – no credit card strings attached.

Siteliner Advantages and Limitations

While Siteliner offers numerous benefits, it’s essential to be aware of its limitations.


  • User-friendly: Navigating Siteliner is a breeze, no tech expertise required.
  • Detailed Reports: Obtain in-depth insights into your website’s performance.
  • Practical Recommendations: Beyond problem identification, Siteliner guides on rectification.
  • Competitor Insights: Compare your site with others and glean invaluable insights.
  • Flexible Pricing: From free solutions to varied premium plans, there’s something for everyone.


  • Limited SEO Parameters: Siteliner primarily focuses on internal site dynamics.
  • Fixed Analysis Settings: Customizing analysis parameters isn’t an option.
  • Support Constraints: Instant support channels like chat or phone aren’t available.

Siteliner Alternatives

While Siteliner stands out in its segment, there are other tools worth considering:

  • Copyscape: Stemming from Siteliner’s parent company, Copyscape zeroes in on plagiarism, protecting your content from unauthorized replications.
  • Screaming Frog: This downloadable application offers deep-dives into on-page SEO, ensuring technical optimization.
  • Ahrefs: Web-based and extensive, Ahrefs delivers insights into keywords, backlinks, and much more.

Siteliner is more than just a tool; it’s a robust platform for website improvement. Its user-friendly interface, detailed reports, and actionable insights make it a top choice for many. Yet, as with any tool, its features may not cover all areas of interest, prompting the need to complement it with others.

Whether you’re curious about its capabilities or sure of its fit for your needs, giving Siteliner a spin can only enlighten your path to a refined online presence.

Siteliner FAQs

How long does a Siteliner scan typically take?

Answer: Generally, Siteliner scans approximately 100 pages in a minute. However, factors like website size and server speed can influence this.

Can I scan my website with Siteliner frequently?

Answer: Users of the free version can scan monthly, while premium users enjoy more frequent scans based on their plan.

How reliable is Siteliner’s detection of duplicate content?

Answer: Siteliner employs a sophisticated algorithm for this. While highly accurate, it’s recommended to use its findings as a guideline.

How can I bolster my site’s page power?

Answer: Focus on creating stellar content, optimize on-page SEO, and ensure effective internal linking.

What’s the best way to reach Siteliner’s support?

Answer: Reach out at or use the contact form on their website.