Taskade - review, features, pricing and alternatives
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Taskade, an online platform, offers a solution that merges task management, note-taking, mind mapping, and teamwork tools, all under a single dashboard. Its purpose is simple but transformative: enable teams, be it remote or in-house, to expedite their operations using AI-assisted features like chatbots, project assistants, and workflow automation.

Whether you’re a freelancer striving for an organized task list, a consultant aiming for streamlined operations, or a team leader pushing for productivity, Taskade is tailored to fit your needs.

Taskade Features

Diving deeper into what Taskade brings to the table:

  • Workspaces: These act as dedicated zones for individual projects or teams. Whether it’s a startup pitch or a marketing plan, segregate them efficiently. Plus, you can share these spaces with guests or collaborators, promoting team synergy.
  • Projects: Define your goal and let Taskade handle the structure. From mind maps to flowcharts, there are multiple visual aids to bring your vision to life. Add a touch of personalization with diverse color themes, icons, and templates.
  • Tasks: Tasks in Taskade aren’t mere reminders. They’re comprehensive, allowing you to assign them, add sub-tasks, set priorities, and even attach files. Monitoring their progression is a breeze with various viewing filters.
  • Chat: Built-in chat rooms negate the need for third-party communication tools. Be it a simple message, a voice call, or a video meeting, keep the conversations going. Additionally, Taskade AI is at your service for quick fixes or brainstorming sessions.
  • AI Assistance: Artificial intelligence in Taskade is not just a buzzword; it’s a productivity catalyst. From quick format commands like “/bold” to AI-generated templates and automated tasks, it truly reshapes how one approaches daily tasks.
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Ideal User for Taskade

Taskade is a match made in heaven for those who:

  • Envision a flexible and collective task management approach.
  • Wish to centralize their ideas and representations.
  • Aim to harness AI for creative and operational augmentation.
  • Operate within a remote or hybrid team framework.
  • Seek a platform-agnostic workspace accessible from any gadget or browser.

Taskade Pricing

Freemium or Premium? Taskade has both.

The Free Plan gifts you:

  • Infinite workspaces and projects.
  • Collaboration without borders.
  • A 100 MB storage vault.
  • A foundation of templates and integrations.

For those seeking more, the Paid Plan at $5 (annual billing) or $7 (monthly billing) per user serves:

  • All Free Plan features.
  • Unlimited storage estate.
  • Elite templates and integrations.
  • Priority assistance, brand customization, and feature requests.

Considering an upgrade? There’s a 14-day trial waiting for you!

Taskade Pros and Cons

Having curated insights from various user feedback, here’s what stands out about Taskade:


  • A user-centric intuitive interface.
  • Versatile project visualization.
  • Groundbreaking AI-driven features.
  • Cohesive team tools for smooth interactions.
  • Generous offerings even in the free variant.
  • Broad device compatibility and integration with renowned apps.


  • Occasional user-reported glitches.
  • Few features are still in their infancy.
  • Some find AI components slightly overwhelming.
  • Desire for more project structural depth.
  • A call for enhanced aesthetic customization.

Taskade Alternatives

In the ocean of productivity tools, some alternatives to Taskade are:

  • Trello: A visual delight for kanban enthusiasts but lacks Taskade’s AI and mind mapping brilliance.
  • Todoist: A task manager with finesse but misses out on collaboration and AI features.
  • Workflowy: A no-nonsense outliner but skips on boards, AI, and collaborative functionalities.
  • Wekan: A self-hosted kanban solution, yet doesn’t match Taskade’s feature richness.
  • monday.com: An expansive project management hub, but could be heavier on the pocket and has a steeper learning curve.

Blending task management with AI-driven productivity, Taskade offers a comprehensive suite for modern-day teams and professionals. It’s not just another tool; it’s a workspace revolution. While no platform is without its quirks, Taskade’s offerings, especially at its price point, make it a compelling choice against its peers.

Taskade FAQs

Let’s address some common curiosities about Taskade:

Q: Embarking on the Taskade journey: How?

A: Starting with Taskade is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Register for a complimentary account.
  2. Craft your first workspace.
  3. Populate it with projects, tasks, and connect with your team.

Q: Engaging with Taskade AI: The Process?

A: With Taskade AI, assistance is just a command away:

  1. Summon the AI with “/ai”.
  2. Define its persona and tone.
  3. Command your requirement and await its magic.

Q: Collaborating on Taskade: What’s the drill?

A: Team synergy on Taskade is a walk in the park:

  1. Invite partners with a link or via email.
  2. Assign tasks with simple mentions.
  3. Converse, share screens, and get things done in unison.

Q: The art of switching between project visuals?

A: It’s all about your viewpoint:

  1. Locate the ‘view’ icon.
  2. Pick your preferred project visual.
  3. Or craft a bespoke view tailored to your needs.

Q: Taskade’s compatibility with other software?

A: Seamless and effortless:

  1. Click the ‘integrations’ emblem.
  2. Choose from the plethora of available tools.
  3. Follow the step-by-step linkage guide.

Q: Upgrading to premium: How?

A: Elevate your Taskade experience:

  1. Click the ‘upgrade’ sign.
  2. Select your plan.
  3. Provide payment details, and you’re all set!