Beacons ai - review, features, pricing and alternatives
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Beacons is a transformative mobile website builder tailored for content creators on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. The platform incorporates e-commerce and monetization options, providing users the capability to swiftly design a captivating, modifiable page in just a span of 5 minutes. This is a space where creators can showcase their unique creations, retail their offerings, accumulate support in the form of donations, and much more. No matter your profession—be it an influencer, musician, artist, educator, or entrepreneur—Beacons is the key to expanding your digital footprint and income with a single bio link. Features

Delving into the myriad features that Beacons offers:

  • Simplicity at its Best: Beacons prides itself on its user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface, eliminating the need for any coding knowledge. Plus, with an array of template and theme options, personalizing according to your brand’s essence is effortless.
  • Seamless E-commerce Capabilities: The platform supports a vast range of products and services for sale, including but not limited to physical items, digital downloads, tickets, courses, and subscription services. Payment acceptance is smooth with options like Stripe, PayPal, and Cash App, and all without Beacons levying any additional charges.
  • Diverse Monetization Avenues: From garnering tips, introducing exclusive memberships, to featuring ads or crafting affiliate links, monetization is flexible and abundant.
  • Insightful Analytics: Stay informed with comprehensive analytics. Gauge your page’s reach, conversion rates, generated revenue, user behavior, and more.
  • Synchronizing with Social Media: Easily link up with your social media accounts from Instagram, TikTok, to even YouTube and Spotify. Enhance your page by embedding social feeds or videos, offering visitors a richer experience.
  • Domain Customization: Flaunt a custom domain or utilize Beacons’ complimentary subdomain. Moreover, SEO and meta tags can be incorporated, making search engine optimization a breeze.
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Ideal User for

Beacons is the go-to for those who:

  • Aim to strengthen and monetize their digital presence on platforms like Instagram or TikTok.
  • Retail online offerings, ranging from physical products to digital services.
  • Seek to garner support through donations or tips.
  • Aspire to design an engaging mobile website sans the complications of coding or hiring professionals.
  • Prioritize autonomy in terms of design and utility of their digital space. Pricing Structure

Beacons offers three distinctive pricing tiers:

  • Free: Enjoy crafting a page with unrestricted links and access fundamental features. This comes with a subdomain and Beacons’ branding elements.
  • Pro ($10/month): Unlock the potential to design unlimited pages, each teeming with limitless links and comprehensive features. Elevate your page’s identity with a personal domain, devoid of Beacons’ branding. Added advantages include premium support and early feature access.
  • Enterprise (custom pricing): This bespoke solution caters to nuanced business requirements, including white-labeling, intricate integrations, and API access. Enjoy unparalleled support and dedicated account management. Pros and Cons

Understanding Beacons’ strengths and limitations:


  • Intuitive usage leading to swift page creation sans coding.
  • Abundant customization and monetization options to amplify your page’s potential.
  • Effective social media amalgamation to further page engagement.
  • An economical choice when juxtaposed with its counterparts.


  • Predominantly mobile-centric, potentially affecting desktop user experience.
  • Design choices, though abundant, might not cater to all aesthetic preferences.
  • Occasional technical hiccups reported by a minority of users. Alternatives

Comparing Beacons with its competitors:

  • Linktree: This bio link enhancer offers features akin to Beacons, yet lacks the same depth in customization and monetization. Additionally, transactions face a 6% fee.
  • Carrd: A website builder focusing on single-page creations. While offering superior design choices compared to Beacons, it’s not as intuitive and lacks some of Beacons’ e-commerce elements. Their Pro plan is priced at $19/year.
  • Milkshake: A platform similar in design to Beacons, it’s tailored for Instagram enthusiasts. However, it lacks the depth in e-commerce and monetization that Beacons offers and doesn’t endorse custom domains or extensive integrations. While free, pages will exhibit the Milkshake emblem.

Beacons emerges as a formidable tool for digital creators aiming for an enhanced bio link mobile website. Its feature-rich environment, ease of use, and affordability make it appealing. Yet, potential users should weigh its limitations, such as occasional technical issues and design constraints. Exploring alternatives based on specific needs can be a prudent choice. FAQs

For those seeking clarity on Beacons:

Creating a Beacons page: Register with your email or Google credentials. Opt for a desired template and theme, infuse your content and links, connect social handles, integrate e-commerce, and personalize settings.

Editing a Beacons page: Access your account dashboard. Here, all your pages are listed. Use the pencil icon for edits, the eye icon for previews, and the trash icon for deletions.

Sharing your Beacons page: Simply copy the page URL from your dashboard/settings and embed it in your desired platform’s bio link, or share it across other mediums. QR codes are also available for offline sharing.

Retailing on Beacons: Incorporate a product/service block on your page. Define the specifics of your offering and select your preferred payment gateway, be it Stripe, PayPal, or Cash App.

Payment Receptions on Beacons: Integrate your payment gateway with your Beacons account via settings. This ensures you receive payments directly from patrons, devoid of any deductions by Beacons.