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Brave Ads review, features, pricing and alternatives
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Brave Ads is an innovative advertising platform integrated into the Brave browser and Brave Search. It is designed for businesses seeking to reach privacy-conscious users without compromising their personal data. By eliminating invasive tracking and using privacy-first methods, Brave Ads offers a unique approach to digital advertising. This platform is ideal for brands aiming to engage with a tech-savvy, privacy-aware audience.

Brave Ads Features

  • Privacy-First Advertising: Brave Ads do not track or profile users, ensuring a high level of privacy.
  • Various Ad Formats: Includes notification ads, newsfeed ads, new tab takeovers, and search ads.
  • User Control: Users can control the frequency and type of ads they see, enhancing their experience.
  • Revenue Sharing: Users earn 70% of the ad revenue in the form of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), which they can use to support content creators or redeem for rewards.
  • Self-Serve and Managed Service Options: Offers flexibility for advertisers to either manage their campaigns independently or through Brave’s dedicated team.

Brave Ads Pricing

Plan TypeMinimum SpendFeatures
Self-Service$1,000/monthDIY campaign creation, access to dashboard
Managed Service$10,000/monthFull service with dedicated support

Summary of Pricing

Brave Ads offers two main pricing plans: a self-service option with a minimum spend of $1,000 per month and a managed service requiring a $10,000 monthly spend. The self-service plan allows advertisers to create and manage campaigns themselves, while the managed service includes dedicated support and a broader range of ad placements.

Brave Ads Reviews

User feedback for Brave Ads highlights its effectiveness in reaching a privacy-focused audience. Advertisers appreciate the high engagement rates and the ethical approach to digital advertising. Common praise includes the ease of use of the platform and the transparency in reporting and data handling.

Alternatives to Brave Ads

While Brave Ads is unique in its privacy-first approach, other platforms offer similar strengths in reaching privacy-aware users:

  • DuckDuckGo Ads: Known for privacy-centric search advertising.
  • Mozilla Ad Platform: Focuses on privacy and ethical advertising practices.
  • Startpage Ads: Combines search privacy with ad relevance.

These alternatives also prioritize user privacy and can be considered based on specific business needs.

Pros and Cons


  • High Privacy Standards: No user tracking or data profiling.
  • User Engagement: Users are more likely to engage with ads knowing their privacy is respected.
  • Revenue Sharing: Incentivizes users to view ads.


  • Higher Cost: Minimum spend requirements might be high for small businesses.
  • Limited Reach: Currently limited to users of the Brave browser and Brave Search.

Ideal User for Brave Ads

Brave Ads is best suited for brands targeting tech-savvy, privacy-conscious consumers. It’s particularly effective for companies in the tech, finance, and cryptocurrency sectors, as well as those aiming to build trust and loyalty through ethical advertising practices.

How to Get Started with Brave Ads?

To start with Brave Ads, sign up on the Brave Ads website. Choose between the self-service and managed service options based on your budget and needs. Follow the guided steps to create your campaign, set your budget, and submit your ads for review.

Tutorial: Creating a Notification Ad on Brave Ads

  1. Sign in to Brave Ads Manager: Access the dashboard and select “Create Campaign.”
  2. Choose Ad Format: Select “Notification Ad.”
  3. Set Targeting Options: Define your audience based on location, interests, and browsing behavior.
  4. Create Ad Content: Input your ad text, call to action, and destination URL.
  5. Review and Submit: Check your settings and submit the ad for approval.

Brave Ads offers a compelling solution for brands looking to engage with a privacy-conscious audience. Its innovative approach to digital advertising, combined with user control and revenue sharing, makes it a valuable platform for ethical advertisers. While the cost might be a barrier for smaller businesses, the potential for high engagement and trust makes it worth considering.

Brave Ads FAQs

Q: What is the minimum spend for Brave Ads?
A: The minimum spend is $1,000 per month for self-service campaigns and $10,000 per month for managed service campaigns.

Q: How are users’ privacy protected?
A: Brave Ads do not track or profile users. All ad matching is done locally on the user’s device.

Q: Can users opt out of ads?
A: Yes, users can control the frequency and types of ads they see or opt out entirely if they prefer.

Q: What types of ads can I create with Brave Ads?
A: You can create notification ads, newsfeed ads, new tab takeovers, and search ads.