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Customer feedback has become an invaluable asset for businesses. Trustmary emerges as a potent tool that bridges businesses with their clientele, facilitating seamless collection and presentation of reviews on business websites. This platform not only helps gauge customer contentment but also fine-tunes it. Regardless of a business’s size or sector, Trustmary is an ally, ensuring businesses utilize the immense power of customer testimonials and constructive feedback to augment both sales and credibility.

Trustmary Features

Delving deeper into Trustmary, here are its distinctive features:

  • Review collection: Gathering customer reviews has never been simpler. Trustmary provides multiple avenues, from emails, SMS to web forms. Businesses can tailor their approach by personalizing the review request, offering incentives, or even automating the process. Furthermore, the platform supports feedback through Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys, or even bespoke surveys crafted to your needs.
  • Review display: Make those reviews count by showcasing them innovatively using Trustmary. Widgets, pop-ups, carousels, or specialized landing pages, you name it. The control is in your hands, from moderating reviews to boosting SEO with rich snippets. Plus, you can keenly monitor how your review campaigns fare.
  • Review marketing: Why stop at just collecting reviews? With Trustmary, businesses can amplify their marketing campaigns using these reviews. Share them on social platforms, integrate them in email campaigns, or transform them into compelling testimonials and case studies. Moreover, the power of positive reviews can be channeled to attract referrals and potential leads.
  • Review analytics: Knowledge is power. Trustmary provides discerning insights into customer feedback and their satisfaction quotient. Businesses can track the evolution of their NPS scores, understand the tangible impact of reviews on conversion rates and revenue, and gain a deeper understanding of how different facets of their services or products are perceived.
trustmary review, features, pricing & alternatives

Ideal User for Trustmary

Trustmary isn’t just for anyone. It’s best suited for:

  • Business magnates and marketers aiming to bolster trust and credibility by spotlighting genuine reviews.
  • Entities striving to foster customer loyalty by incessantly improving based on feedback.
  • Organizations looking to accentuate their marketing narratives with the authenticity of customer reviews.
  • Professionals seeking to streamline and automate the review mechanism while ensuring it meshes well with other operational tools.

Trustmary Pricing

Diverse businesses, diverse needs. Trustmary understands this and offers three pricing tiers:

  • Free: Tailored for startups or small-scale ventures, this plan facilitates the collection of up to 100 reviews monthly. It offers a single widget for review display and fundamental analytics insights.
  • Pro: At $49 monthly, this plan is a powerhouse. Suitable for medium enterprises, it supports the collection of up to 1,000 reviews, unlimited display formats, and a plethora of additional features, including NPS surveys, rich snippet integration, social media outreach, and more.
  • Enterprise: This plan is a bespoke offering, designed around specific requirements. It’s a haven for large enterprises, offering boundless review collection, flexible display formats, and top-tier analytics. Features extend to CSAT surveys, testimonial and case study creation, API access, and dedicated support.

Trustmary Pros and Cons

Based on a myriad of user experiences, here’s a quick look at Trustmary’s strengths and areas of improvement:


  • Intuitive setup and usage.
  • Ample flexibility in review collection and display.
  • Proven efficacy in boosting sales and conversions.
  • Prompt and supportive customer assistance.
  • Economical pricing options.


  • Free plan limitations might deter some.
  • Not all integrations are seamless.
  • Occasional technical hitches have been reported.

Trustmary Alternatives

While Trustmary offers a comprehensive solution, there are other players in the market:

  • Trustpilot: A renowned name in online reviews. Although pricier than Trustmary, it offers a vast reviewer community, review widgets, and SEO perks.
  • Yotpo: Apart from collecting and showcasing reviews, Yotpo also boasts features like loyalty programs and SMS marketing. However, there have been some concerns regarding its support system and dependability.
  • Birdeye: More than just a review platform, Birdeye provides a holistic customer experience solution with surveys, chat options, and reputation management. Its price point is higher than Trustmary, and some users feel it could be more user-friendly.

In summation, Trustmary stands as a robust platform enabling businesses to harness the potential of customer reviews. It’s more than just a review collection tool—it’s a gateway to improved customer satisfaction, better sales, and enhanced brand reputation. While it’s not devoid of flaws, the platform’s flexibility, affordability, and wide range of features make it a top contender for businesses in search of a reliable review management system.

Trustmary FAQs

Navigating a new platform can be daunting. Here are answers to some burning questions about Trustmary:

How do I collect reviews with Trustmary?

Initiate review requests through emails, SMS, or web forms. Tailor these requests, offer incentives, or go hands-free with automation. Feedback can also be procured through various surveys.

How do I showcase reviews on my website with Trustmary?

Use Trustmary’s diverse display formats, from widgets to landing pages. Reviews can be moderated, enriched with SEO-friendly snippets, and their performance can be tracked.

How can I leverage reviews in marketing with Trustmary?

Boost your marketing efforts by sharing reviews on social channels, integrating them in emails, or molding them into testimonials and case studies. These reviews can also be instrumental in attracting referrals.

How can I measure customer satisfaction with Trustmary?

Dive deep into NPS, CSAT, or tailored surveys. Analyze evolving NPS scores, understand the impact of reviews on business metrics, and segment customers for targeted strategies.

What does Trustmary’s pricing look like?

Trustmary’s pricing spans across three plans: Free, Pro ($49/month), and a customizable Enterprise plan, each catering to different business sizes and needs.

What are the notable advantages and limitations of Trustmary?

Trustmary is celebrated for its user-friendliness, versatility, efficacy in boosting business metrics, stellar customer service, and cost-effectiveness. However, it’s not without its challenges, such as limitations in the free tier, occasional integration hiccups, and rare technical glitches.