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Folk CRM - review, features, pricing and alternatives
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Your relationships stretch across multiple platforms: emails, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. The challenge is, how do you effectively manage all these connections without losing touch or getting overwhelmed?

Enter Folk. Folk isn’t just another CRM; it’s a dynamic workspace tailored to bring all your contacts together, helping you nurture and strengthen each relationship. Whether you’re in sales, recruitment, community engagement, or any field that requires relationship building, Folk is your go-to tool.

Folk App Key Features

Folk stands out with its robust features that offer a seamless experience:

  1. Unified Contact Management: Say goodbye to fragmented contact lists. Folk integrates with Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more, automatically updating your contacts and ensuring you have up-to-date information. You can also effortlessly add contacts through CSV imports or the handy folkX Chrome extension.
  2. Dynamic Pipelines: Folk isn’t just about storing contacts; it’s about nurturing relationships. With customizable pipeline management, track every interaction, assign tasks, and collaborate with your team, ensuring no opportunity is missed.
  3. Effective Email Campaigns: With Folk, email outreach is transformed. Use AI-generated templates or craft your own messages. Schedule emails at the perfect moment, track performance metrics like open rates, and set reminders to ensure timely follow-ups.
  4. folkX Chrome Extension: Capturing contacts from the web is a breeze. With one click, you can integrate contact details from platforms like LinkedIn, Gmail, and Twitter directly into Folk.
  5. Insightful Analytics: Understand your outreach efforts with Folk’s comprehensive analytics. From tracking pipeline progression to email performance, every metric you need is at your fingertips.

My Journey with Folk App

I can vouch for its efficiency. Primarily, I employ Folk for sales outreach and email campaigns. Here’s how it transformed my workflow:

  • Seamless Integration: Folk’s synchronization with Gmail and LinkedIn eliminated manual contact updates, ensuring I always have the latest information.
  • Collaborative Pipelines: Building a sales pipeline in Folk is intuitive. Tailoring it to my sales cycle and collaborating with my team has never been easier.
  • Optimized Email Campaigns: Crafting impactful emails is simplified with Folk’s templates and personalization features. Plus, the analytics helps refine my strategies, driving better conversions.

Folk App Affordable Pricing Plans

With three distinct pricing structures, Folk has something for everyone:

  • Free Plan: Perfect for individuals or small teams starting their CRM journey. Enjoy syncing up to 1,000 contacts from a single source and manage a comprehensive pipeline.
  • Pro Plan at $19/user/month: Designed for professionals who demand more. Sync up to 10,000 contacts from multiple sources, access advanced features, and truly harness the power of Folk.
  • Enterprise Plan: A bespoke solution for large organizations, offering unlimited contact sync, advanced integrations, and premium support.

Experience Folk firsthand with a 14-day free trial. No credit card commitments. For deeper insights, you can also request a demo.

Folk App Pros & Cons: User Perspectives

Feedback from users has highlighted some clear advantages and areas of improvement for Folk:


  • User-friendly Interface: Folk’s design is intuitive, making it easy even for CRM novices.
  • Customizable Features: Folk adapts to you, not the other way around. Personalize pipelines, tags, and more.
  • Advanced AI Capabilities: Folk’s AI-driven features, especially in email campaigns, are a game-changer.
  • Team Collaboration: Work transparently with your team, sharing tasks, notes, and more.


  • Emerging Product Hiccups: As with any new tool, users have noted occasional bugs, particularly with certain integrations.
  • Feature Wishlist: Some users hope for more advanced features, such as enhanced email analytics, additional integrations like Slack or Zoom, and an expanded email template library.

Final Thoughts on Folk

Folk is more than just a CRM; it’s a relationship management powerhouse. If you’re on the hunt for a holistic solution that addresses every facet of relationship building, Folk is certainly worth your consideration. Dive into their 14-day free trial and experience firsthand how Folk can revolutionize your connection management. You just might find it’s the tool you’ve been waiting for.