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Flowlu stands out as a cloud-based solution designed primarily for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Its primary objective is to offer an all-encompassing platform for managing business operations ranging from projects and tasks to finances, customer relations, and collaborations. With the constant challenge of juggling multiple tools for distinct business tasks, Flowlu intends to simplify these processes.

By converging these functions into one seamless platform, businesses can expect a reduction in time, monetary investments, and manual efforts. Moreover, the platform’s customization capability ensures it tailors to various industry-specific needs and business workflows.

Flowlu Features

Digging deeper into Flowlu, it’s apparent that its multifaceted features target various critical business operations. These include:

  • Project Management: Beyond just project creation, Flowlu ensures detailed project oversight. From task lists, milestones, and Gantt charts to time tracking, budget allocations, and detailed reports, the platform is robust. Additionally, its interactive platform promotes team collaboration via chats, file sharing, and real-time notifications.
  • CRM Integration: On the customer front, Flowlu’s CRM tool is designed for detailed customer relationship management. It encompasses lead management, sales funnels, and even extends to invoicing, billing, and tracking customer interactions.
  • Financial Management: Financial planning and record-keeping become more streamlined with Flowlu. Key features such as cash flow tracking, tax calculations, bank integrations, and invoicing are integrated into the system.
  • Collaboration Tools: The platform promotes active team interactions and external collaborations. With tools like chat functionalities, mind maps, agile project management strategies, and a dedicated client portal, real-time problem-solving becomes second nature.
  • Customization Capabilities: Recognizing that one size doesn’t fit all, Flowlu offers extensive customization. This ranges from custom data fields, tailored interface branding, process-specific automation, and even API integrations for extended functionality.
flowlu business management software

Flowlu Target Audience

Flowlu is a comprehensive solution tailored for SMEs in need of a cohesive platform for efficient business operations. It’s especially adept for industries like marketing, software development, design, education, and consulting, among others. Furthermore, its customization features make it adaptable, catering to businesses desiring control over their management tools.

Flowlu Pricing

Four distinct pricing structures cater to varied business needs:

  • Free: Catering to startups or small teams, this plan allows 2 users and offers 10GB storage, covering basic features.
  • Team: Priced at $29/month (annual billing) or $39/month (monthly billing), it accommodates up to 8 users, offers 50GB storage, and introduces features like mind mapping and a client portal.
  • Business: At $59/month (annual) or $79/month (monthly), this plan broadens user access to 16, offers 100GB storage and incorporates functionalities like budgeting and company structure management.
  • Professional: For larger enterprises, the plan priced at $119/month (annual) or $159/month (monthly) has no user limit, unlimited storage, and a plethora of features, including white-labeling and API access.

For newcomers, a 14-day trial period is available across all plans.

Flowlu Merits and Demerits

From user feedback, Flowlu has demonstrated:


  • Comprehensive all-in-one business solution.
  • User-friendly interface promoting ease of use.
  • Cost-effective with an attractive free plan for starters.
  • Flexibility through customization.
  • Continuous updates ensuring it stays ahead of the curve.


  • Occasional sluggishness and bugs.
  • Certain feature limitations, such as the absence of a mobile app or advanced reporting.
  • Potential steep learning curve for complete platform mastery.
  • Restricted third-party integrations.

Flowlu Alternatives

Flowlu faces competition from platforms like:

  • monday.com: While it offers robust project management and collaboration tools, it’s pricier and leans more towards project management.
  • Odoo: A multifunctional open-source business suite, Odoo offers extensive features but may require more technical input for customization.
  • ClickUp: An affordable alternative with vast customization options, focusing primarily on task and project management.

Flowlu emerges as a robust business management tool, with its comprehensive features aimed at simplifying SME operations. While it offers numerous benefits, from feature diversity to customization, potential users should be aware of its occasional limitations. A 14-day trial ensures businesses can gauge its fit before investment.

Flowlu FAQs

What devices support Flowlu?

Flowlu, being cloud-based, is accessible via any internet-enabled device with updated browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

How does Flowlu prioritize security?

User data security is paramount for Flowlu. Measures include data encryption, secure data centers, GDPR compliance, and advanced authentication methods.

How can I get in touch with Flowlu’s support?

Flowlu ensures user support through multiple channels, including email tickets, live chat, community forums, and detailed knowledge base access.