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Odoo CRM - - review, features, pricing and alternatives
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Odoo, an open-source suite of business applications tailored for various industry niches, from budding startups to expansive enterprises. Odoo stands out by presenting an all-in-one platform, eradicating the challenges posed by using disconnected software solutions.

Odoo Features

Odoo, renowned for its versatility, houses over 40 distinctive apps, each tailored to cater to specific business management areas:

  • CRM: Dive deep into customer relations with Odoo CRM. From lead tracking to automating marketing initiatives, it synergizes with apps like email, calendar, and social platforms.
  • Accounting: Odoo’s accounting app streamlines invoices, payments, tax calculations, and bank reconciliations, enabling seamless bank and payment provider integrations.
  • Project: Take project management up a notch. With Odoo Project, track projects, tasks, and allocate resources efficiently. Built-in collaboration tools like chat and document sharing foster teamwork.
  • Inventory: Achieve logistical excellence with Odoo Inventory. Optimize stock, manage warehouses, and ensure product traceability with ease.
  • E-commerce: Build and manage your digital storefront with Odoo E-commerce. From product listing to checkouts, customize every aspect while integrating seamlessly with CRM, Inventory, and Accounting.
  • Manufacturing: Streamline production workflows with Odoo Manufacturing. Covering everything from scheduling to quality checks, it’s a holistic approach to production management.
  • And much more: Dive into a myriad of options, including HR, POS, Email Marketing, Events Management, and more.

Who Should Opt for Odoo?

Odoo is the perfect fit for those:

  • Seeking a unified business management software.
  • Prioritizing customizable solutions tailored to unique workflows.
  • Desiring a cost-effective solution that’s scalable in line with business growth.
  • Preferring the open-source realm for integrability and extensibility.

Odoo Pricing

Odoo’s pricing caters to a range of users:

  • Community: Experience Odoo’s core offerings for free. Available for download on Odoo’s website or use on Odoo’s official cloud platform.
  • Online: Dive into the cloud version with all features intact. Begin with a 15-day trial on Odoo’s website, starting at $12/user/month (add-on apps at $4/user/month).
  • Enterprise: Elevate the experience with added benefits such as prompt support and regular updates. Host on Odoo.sh or a server of your choice. Pricing starts at $24/user/month, with additional apps priced at $8/user/month.

Odoo Pros and Cons

Based on users’ insights, let’s gauge Odoo’s strengths and areas for improvement:


  • Comprehensive, offering a holistic business management suite.
  • Adaptable, catering to diverse business requirements.
  • Economically viable, scaling as per business dynamics.
  • Fueled by a robust open-source community dedicated to refinement.


  • Necessitates a learning curve, potentially demanding external technical help.
  • Possibility of module or integration-related issues.
  • Certain niche sectors might find some features lacking.
  • Potential performance challenges, especially in certain deployment scenarios.

Odoo Alternatives

While Odoo is formidable, other solutions might better fit specific requirements:

  • ERPNext: An open-source alternative, it’s user-friendly and cost-efficient, designed for SMEs.
  • NetSuite: A more advanced, cloud-based ERP solution tailored for expansive enterprises.
  • QuickBooks: A simplified cloud-based financial management tool for smaller setups.
  • Dynamics 365: A Microsoft offering, it assures robust ERP solutions integrated with Microsoft’s suite.

Odoo stands as a formidable contender in the business management software arena, offering a comprehensive, customizable, and budget-friendly solution. However, businesses should assess their specific needs and potential challenges before settling. Exploring alternatives can also provide a clearer picture of what’s optimal for a given setup.

Odoo FAQs

Delve into frequently posed queries concerning Odoo:

What distinguishes Odoo Community from Enterprise?

While the Community version offers core functionalities for free, the Enterprise variant adds a plethora of benefits like prompt support and regular updates.

Embarking on the Odoo journey?

Initiate with the Community version from Odoo’s website or explore the Online/Enterprise versions with trials or demos.

How can I mold Odoo to my enterprise’s nuances?

Use in-built configurations, explore the app store for modules, or craft unique solutions using Odoo’s robust framework.

Integration challenges?

Merge Odoo with existing systems using native app integrations, third-party connectors, or design bespoke integrations with Odoo’s framework.

Seeking support or guidance?

Connect with the Odoo team through various channels, peruse online resources, engage with the community, or consult an Odoo specialist.