Brevo - review, features, pricing and alternatives
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Brevo, an integrated platform designed to streamline your marketing efforts across diverse channels like email, SMS, WhatsApp, and chat. Crafted specifically for small to medium-sized businesses, Brevo emerges as a one-stop solution for those aiming to foster superior customer relations and enhance their revenue stream. With Brevo, the challenges of juggling multiple marketing tools vanish, letting businesses focus on building meaningful customer connections.

Brevo Features

Dive into the world of Brevo’s robust features that position it as the go-to CRM solution:

  • Marketing Platform: Brevo’s state-of-the-art marketing suite lets businesses craft impeccable campaigns across channels. It’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor, coupled with a plethora of templates, simplifies email creation. Dive deeper with advanced segmentation, allowing precision targeting based on customer behavior or preferences. And with insightful analytics at your fingertips, continuously refine campaigns for maximum impact.
  • Sales Platform: Brevo’s sales module ensures you never lose sight of potential leads. Centralize contact management, irrespective of their source – be it web forms or integrations. Set tasks, reminders, and monitor deal progress seamlessly. Plus, with integrations like Shopify, WooCommerce, and WordPress, your sales process becomes a well-oiled machine.
  • Conversations: Engage customers in real-time. Whether it’s Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or direct chat, Brevo facilitates genuine connections. Automation gets a new dimension with chatbots handling routine queries, while the centralized inbox ensures no conversation slips through the cracks.
  • Transactional Email: Brevo’s dependable email API is built for speed and reliability, boasting a 99% delivery rate. From order confirmations to invoices, transactional emails are dispatched promptly, and their performance can be analyzed with detailed metrics.
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Ideal User for Brevo

Brevo resonates with small to medium-sized businesses striving to supercharge their revenue streams. A versatile tool, it caters to enterprises across varied sectors and geographies. Its prowess in amalgamating communication across diverse channels makes it indispensable for businesses eyeing a broader audience reach.

Brevo Pricing

Brevo’s pricing is tailored to accommodate both newcomers and veterans:

  • Free Tier: Send up to 300 emails daily with no cap on contacts.
  • Lite: At $25/month, dispatch up to 10,000 emails monthly without any daily constraints.
  • Essential: Priced at $39/month, it offers up to 60,000 emails/month and a suite of advanced features.
  • Premium: At $66/month, enjoy up to 120,000 emails/month and an array of premium services.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing for those with needs exceeding the Premium plan.

Each paid tier offers unlimited contacts, SMS marketing, conversations, transactional emails, and integrations, all set at a pay-as-you-go model.

Pros and Cons

Understanding Brevo’s strengths and areas of improvement helps in making an informed decision:


  • Comprehensive feature set addressing all marketing and sales facets.
  • Intuitive UI ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Attractive free plan with ample allowances.
  • Multilingual customer support.
  • Precision targeting via advanced email segmentation.


  • Free and Lite tiers miss out on some advanced features.
  • Initial learning curve due to feature-rich platform.
  • Absence of an ‘undo’ function.
  • Template designs could offer more versatility.
  • Limitation on daily email sends in the free tier.

Brevo Alternatives

While Brevo is a powerhouse, several alternatives might align better with specific business needs:

  • Omnisend: Tailored for e-commerce entities, it facilitates multi-channel outreach. Pricing begins at $16/month post their free tier.
  • AWeber: A visually appealing template library sets AWeber apart. With prices starting at $12.50/month post their free plan, it’s suitable for businesses focusing on aesthetics.
  • Constant Contact: With a user-centric interface and tools for efficacious email campaigns, it’s a strong contender. Though devoid of a free tier, it offers a two-month trial, with plans starting from $12/month.


Brevo seamlessly integrates a vast range of marketing and sales functionalities, making it a formidable choice for small to medium-sized businesses. Its pricing structure, combined with its extensive feature set, makes it a valuable asset. Yet, businesses with niche requirements or those who feel overwhelmed might find value in exploring its alternatives.

Brevo FAQs

  1. What is Brevo?
    Brevo streamlines marketing campaigns across email, SMS, WhatsApp, and chat, targeting SMEs aiming to boost revenue.
  2. How much does Brevo cost?
    With a free tier and four paid plans (Lite, Essential, Premium, Enterprise), Brevo caters to a diverse range of business needs.
  3. What are the main features of Brevo?
    Brevo is a comprehensive CRM, offering Marketing and Sales Platforms, Conversations, and Transactional Email features.
  4. What are the pros and cons of using Brevo?
    While Brevo excels with its ease of use, affordability, and extensive feature list, it has areas of improvement like limited integrations and certain restrictive features.
  5. What are some alternatives to Brevo?
    Brevo faces competition from tools like Omnisend, AWeber, and Constant Contact, each offering unique features catering to specific business needs.